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Boeing’s 6 steps to Mars

SLS rocket model
Boeing's Mars base

Boeing’s 6 steps to Mars

Boeing has released a video showing how a possible trip to Mars would work.

Based near Seatle, WA, Boeing says that there are 6 steps necessary to complete a mission to Mars and back, with 2 already completed. Those being the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft.

In the video Michael Raftery says, “Today somewhere out there in the world, in a classroom, somewhere between the age of 10 and 20, the person who’s going to be the first person to set foot on Mars is out there.”

Boeing is building for NASA the SLS rocket which will be necessary for getting to Mars.

Nasa has committed its self to getting astronauts to Mars by the mid 2030s Mr Raftery explained.

The next piece of equipment need is a deep space tug, this will be a large spacecraft that carries Orion and equipment.

Boeing is planning the system to be powered by huge solar panels that will power a solar electric propulsion (SEP), or ion propulsion.

“It uses the power from the sun to drive the propulsion system, so they look like large sailing ships,” Mr Raftery said.

It is thought that the living habitat may rotate to give the crew with some form of gravity, to prevent their bones degrading on a long lengthy.

Upon reaching Mars, they will leave the habitat in orbit and goes down to the surface in a lander with an inflatable heat shield.

This inflatable heat shield will be different from the one Orion used returning to Earth.

The lander will drops the heat shield and fire it’s rocket to touch down on Mars, “much like the lunar lander did on the moon” said Mr Raftery.

Once it’s time to leave, they will use a ‘small rocket’ to return to the habitat in orbit then on to Earth.




Boeing’s 6 steps to Mars

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