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Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 : One of the brightest galaxies in…

Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 : One of the brightest galaxies in planet Earths sky is similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy: big, beautiful M81. This grand spiral galaxy can be found toward the northern constellation of the Great Bear . This superbly detailed view reveals M81s bright yellow nucleus, blue spiral arms, and sweeping cosmic dust lanes with a scale comparable to the Milky Way. Hinting at a disorderly past, a remarkable dust lane actually runs straight through the disk, to the left of the galactic center, contrary to M81s other prominent spiral features. The errant dust lane may be the lingering result of a close encounter between M81 and its smaller companion galaxy, M82. Scrutiny of variable stars in M81 has yielded one of the best determined distances for an external galaxy 11.8 million light-years. via NASA

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Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 : One of the brightest galaxies in…

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  • Lance Laurendine says:

    More like a trillion galaxies in the VISIBLE Universe. beyond 13.8 billion or so light years dark energy, the repulsive force of gravity which occupies around 74% of the universe is pushing galaxies farther apart from each other, except for local groups whose gravity binds them like our 66 galaxy system, faster than the speed of light so the light from those galaxies will never reach us. So for all intents and purpose the universe is flat and ifinite.

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