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Cool Space GIFs from the Internet

There’s a lot of historical and archived space footage on the internet and we’re excited to see that the public (you!) have taken it to create many other products that teach people about exploration, space and our universe. Among those products are GIFs. Those quick videos that help you express what you’re trying to say via text, or make you laugh while surfing the web.

Are space GIFs the new cat videos of the internet? Don’t know, but we sure do like them!

Here are a few neat space GIFs from the internet…

This GIF of the Cat Eye Nebula shows it in various wavelengths…


Followed by a GIF of a cat in space…floating in front of the Antennae galaxies


One time, a frog actually photobombed the launch of our LADEE spacecraft…someone on the internet gave him a parachute…


Want to see what it’s like to play soccer in space? There’s a GIF for that…


There are also some beautiful GIFs looking through the Cupola window on the International Space Station…


This warped footage from the International Space Station gives us ride around the Earth…


While this one encourages us to explore the unknown…


When our New Horizons spacecraft flew by dwarf planet Pluto in 2015, the internet couldn’t get enough of the Pluto GIFs…



Want to dive into a black hole of other fun space GIFs? Check out our GIPHY page HERE.

Want to use our GIFs?! You can! Our GIFs are accessible directly from the Twitter app. Just tap or click the GIF button in the Twitter tool bar, search for NASAGIF, and all NASA GIFs will appear for sharing and tweeting. Enjoy!

GIF Sources

Cat Eye GIF:
Cat GIF:
Frog GIF:
Soccer GIF:
Cupola 1 GIF:
Cupola 2 GIF:
Earth GIF:
Explore GIF:
Pluto 1 GIF:
Pluto 2 GIF:

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Cool Space GIFs from the Internet

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