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Orbit: 117,600 km from Neptune
Orbital period: 25 hours
Gravity: 0.07 m/s²
Diameter: 418 km
Mass: 4.4e21 kg

Proteus, also known as Neptune VIII, is the second largest Neptunian moon, and Neptune’s largest inner satellite. Discovered by Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989.

Proteus, also known as Neptune VIII

Discovered in 1989 by Voyager  2.  Though it is larger than Nereid, it was  not  discovered earlier because it is very dark and  so close to  Neptune that it is difficult to see in the glare of the much brighter  planet.

Proteus is irregular (non-spherical) in shape.  Proteus is  probably  about as big as an irregular body can be before its gravity pulls  it into a more spherical shape.

Proteus, also known as Neptune VIII

The heavily cratered surface shows no signs of geologic activity.



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