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Video: Walk around NASA’s new asteroid sample probe

Walk around the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft from Spaceflight Now on Vimeo.

Take a walk around NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft less than three weeks before its Sept. 8 launch on top of an Atlas 5 rocket. Rich Kuhns, the mission’s program manager from Lockheed Martin, points out some of the major features on the probe.

Lockheed Martin built the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft and will oversee mission operators after it blasts off next month. OSIRIS-REx is the first U.S. asteroid sample return mission, and its target is asteroid Bennu.

Kuhns gave Spaceflight Now the walk-around tour inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Read our full story for details on the mission.

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Video: Walk around NASA’s new asteroid sample probe

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