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We were the Radio with NPR/WUGA!Space Satellites from a group of…

We were the Radio with NPR/WUGA!

Space Satellites from a group of College students!

This morning my friend and I were on the radio (starting on the 14th minute:! We were primarily there to discuss the creation of our Hacker House, which NPR really wanted to spin as a fraternity – the truth is that we are just a bunch of nerds who have no interest in forming a ‘formal‘ fraternity. We just like to build cool things (such as spacecraft). If you are interested in reading more about the spacecraft that we build you can check it out here:



The Hacker House! – Were we build Small Space-Craft, Software, and Start-ups!

I build the the letters below that spell HΛX (eta lambda chi) as a joke for one of our house parties – in celebration of our University’s first MLH hackathon. We will have another house party soon to celebrate the development of our University’s first Satellite. If you are interesting in out hacking community you can read about it here:


The Future Of The Hacker House:

The Hacker house and an open community that wants to expand! In the next year our goal is to open more Hacker Houses so that we can start to address the gender gap in the STEM community as well help improve scientific literacy!

We have a facebook page here if anyone is interested:

Source: Astronomical Wonders

We were the Radio with NPR/WUGA!Space Satellites from a group of…

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