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What’s Up for November 2016

What’s Up for November: Venus at sunset, Jupiter at dawn, your last evening glimpse of Saturn until spring, and more meteors!


Through November 3, catch glimpses of a gibbous Venus, a crescent moon and ringed Saturn in the southwest sky just after sunset.


Wake up before sunrise every day this month to see Jupiter just above Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, shining in the east-southeast sky.

Just before dawn on November 23-24, see the waning crescent moon just above Jupiter.

November is a great time to see the constellation Ceres as it glides past Cetus, the Whale and you will be able to see the dwarf planet move relative to the background stars, but you’ll need a telescope for this one.

This month, just like last month, there will be three meteor showers–the Northern Tuarids, the Leonids and the November Orionids.

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What’s Up for November 2016

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